Science and art in Italian culture

Starting on July 16, selected students from ShanghaiTech University will attend the II Edition of the Summer School Science and art in Italian culture: from history to modern times, part of the collaboration agreement signed between ShanghaiTech University and the University of Padova. Its aim is to offer a variety of courses in order to expose the participating students to a panorama of Italian culture, from the Medieval times to the present days. It includes topics from both Art and Science.

The Course focuses on the historical role and the modern developments of Art and Science in Italy and in particular of the part of Italy that, in the old days, was known as the Republic of Venice, which had in Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its glorious centre of artistic culture, and in the University of Padova an exceptional scientific centre.

Each week the Course takes place in a separate location: Venice, where students learn about Art, from music to visual art, architecture and literature, Asiago, a renowned mountain vacation resort where the University of Padova has its Astronomical Observatory; while the final week is held in Padova. In Padova students will visit the University and some of the city’s most important cultural landmarks, including the famous Botanical Garden, the oldest in the world (it retains the original layout dated 1545).

During the second and third week the Course deals with Science, with lectures tackling key scientific issues spanning from physics and mathematics, to cell biology, human evolution and neuroscience.

The three-week programme features an impressive number of leading scientists and academics as guest speakers, such as Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Giacomo Rizzolatti and the Nobel Laureate Bert Sakmann.

The Course is not only developed for the students of ShanghaiTech University, but also aims at promoting cultural exchange and strengthening academic relations. Students of the University of Padova are therefore welcome to join the lectures, according to availability, upon registration.

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Venues: Venezia, Asiago, Padova
Dates: July 16 - August 5, 2107
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