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Information for beneficiaries coming to Padova

All beneficiaries usually receive an information letter as soon the selection process is over.

They will be informed about the details of their stay and the further procedure to be followed.

The International Relations Office will issue an Invitation letter for the visa application, and contact the Italian embassies and consulates involved. We will regularly check with the grantees the progress status of their visa application, if they might need any additional document.

SASSA Service, the accommodation service of the University of Padova, will offer to the grantees a room in the University residences nearest to their faculty. The grantees will have to fill in an online application form in order to receive an accommodation offer from SASSA. They will then have to accept the offer and sign a contract. Usually some of the University residences are reserved for Erasmus Mundus students (

All Incoming grantees have to register in the SASSA website although they do not intend to use the University residences.

Before their arrival, all beneficiaries will be provided with detailed information about the transfer from the airport to Padova and about the practical procedures to be followed at the beginning of their stay.

Further information

The canteen card will be provided by the SASSA Service and will give access to all the ESU Canteens.

At their arrival in Padova, beneficiaries might either receive a cheque as a first instalment of the monthly allowance or be invited to immediately open a European bank account (if they do not have one already). They will also receive a tax code necessary to open a bank account where the allowance will be tranferred on a regular basis.

In Italy Erasmus Mundus scholarships are exempt from taxation.

The residence permit application will be processed for all the beneficiaries staying for more than 90 days or possessing a study visa within 8 working days after their arrival in Italy.

The SAOS Office, “Welcoming Service for Foreign Guests” of the University of Padova, located next to International Relation Office, will receive them during these 8 days in order to help them filling in and submitting their “application kit” and all the necessary documents on time.

Students will be informed upon their arrival on the procedures to be followed for enrolment.

The CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo promotes, organizes and offers Italian language courses for foreign students, researchers and professors. The courses cover levels A1 to C2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Registered students and lecturers are free to use the multimedia facilities and the language laboratory for self-learning; they can also have access to audiovisual and computerized resources.

For any further information:
CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo
via venezia, 16 - Padova
tel. +39 049 827 6185

(only for some of the projects! Contact the coordinator of your projects in order to get more information about your insurance if different from IPS Lippmann)

You don't need the original card or certificate in order to use it; you don't have to show it to anyone, that document is just a reminder for you on which you can find your insurance number and duration of the cover; so if for any reason you didn't receive the original certificate till now, don't worry

The IPS Insurance should be used only to get reimbursement of your expenses: you have to pay in advance for any medical service and then send the ORIGINAL INVOICES to Lippmann.
Please, keep copies of all the original documents before sending them by post. The correct Claim form has 2 pages, the second one for bank information, and should be filled in in all its parts

You can ask for reimbursement of almost any medical (or robbery, or travel) accident or expense: this means you can go to any doctor or hospital recognized by the National Security, there is no list of doctors.
If you need a suggestion on a good doctor you should ask your supervisor or the International relations officer or the people you know in the Hosting Country.

  • contraceptives are excluded from the policy
  • vaccinations are excluded from the policy

In the information sheet you will find instruction on how to proceed. Remember that:
"in the event of admission to hospital, SOS International must be contacted in advance or if this is impossible, within one week after admission, by telephone, so that, in consultation with the insured or his/her representative, the treating physician and possibly the general physician as well, it can take the measures which will best serve the interests of the insured in question".

SOS International is an assistance company from the Netherlands, you will have to contact them not only for medical emergencies but also in other cases of emergencies (robbery, loss of documents, etc). Please find here:

  • the SOS telephone number for EMERGENCIES: +31 20 651 51 51
  • the SOS telephone number for INFORMATION: +31 20 651 56 00
  • the SOS web site

If you have any doubt on the use of the insurance or questions on claim procedure please refer directly to the insurance company Lippmann:
Claim handler: Carmelita Kromowirjo

Download IPS Claim Form

Download IPS Cover

Download IPS Information Sheet

Download IPS Policyrider for Erasmus Mundus grantees

(Solamente algunos de los proyectos Erasmus Mundus utilizan ete seguro. Si  el seguro internacional que le proporcionó el Proyecto es diferente, por favor contactese directamente con la Coordinación del Proyecto.)

1) No se necesita la tarjeta original o el certificado original para utilizar el seguro, no se necesita mostrar el documento al doctor o al hospital; la función de la tarjeta es de recordarle su número de identificación de poliza y la duración.

2) El seguro IPS sólo se puede utilizar para pedir rembolso de los gastos médicos: Ud. tiene que adelantar los gastos y pagar los servicios médicos que necesita. Luego, las facturas y los DOCUMENTOS ORIGINALES tienen que ser enviados directamente a la compañia de seguros Lippmann, en los Países Bajos. Por favor, saque una copia antes de enviar los originales por correo, en caso de perdida de los documentos.
El “Claim Form”, formulario para pedido de rembolso tiene 2 paginas, la seguna para la información bancaria, ambas tienen que ser rellenadas en todas sus partes.
Se tiene que pedir el rembolso dentro de 3 meses despues del tratamiento/gasto.

3) Se puede pedir rembolso para casi todos los tipos de gastos médicos, o robos, o accidentes de viaje.

  • contraceptivos no son rembolsables
  • vaccinaciones non son rembolsables

Puede ir a qualquiera doctor o hospital reconocido por el servicio nacional de salud del país de acogida.
Si necesita un sugerimiento sobre cual doctor ver, le aconsejamos consultar la Universidad de acogida, o el supervisor de la movilidad.

4) En el “Information Sheet” (disponible sólo en Inglés) encontrará los pasos a seguir para pedir el rembolso.
Recuerdese que:

 “En caso de hospitalización SOS International tiene que ser contactada con antelación o, en caso de no ser posible, dentro de una semana después de la hospitalización, por teléfono”

“SOS International” es una compañia de asistencia de Países Bajos, Ud. tiene que contactarlos no sólo para emergencias médicas sino también en otros casos de emergencias (robos, pérdida de documentos, etc.).

- Teléfono SOS International para EMERGENCIAS: +31 20 651 51 51
- Teléfono SOS International para INFORMACIÓN: +31 20 651 56 00
- Sitio web de SOS International

5) En caso de tener dudas sobre el utilizo del seguro o consulta para pedido de rembolso, por favor contactese directamente con la compañia de seguros Lippmann:
Claim handler: Carmelita Kromowirjo
Dirección electrónica:

Download IPS Claim Form

Download IPS Information Sheet

Download IPS Cover

Download IPS Policyrider for Erasmus Mundus grantees


International Relations Office
via 8 Febbraio 2 - 35122 Padova

Action 1
tel.: +39 049 8273930-3100 - fax +39 0498273917

Action 2
tel.: +39 049 8273741 - fax +39 0498273060

SAOS - Servizio Accoglienza Ospiti Stranieri
Palazzo Bo
via VIII Febbraio, 2 - 35122 Padova
tel. +39 049 827 3077 fax +39 049 8273203
Opening hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 10 - 11.30; Tuesdays and Thursdays 15 - 16.30

The Office helps in searching accommodation for Erasmus and Exchange students and for researchers. Students are also helped with gathering and completing the documents required for enrolment and application for the residence permit.

via Tiepolo, 48 – 35129 – Padova
tel. +39 049 7927306 - fax +39 049 7800187
Opening hours: Mondays – Thursdays 9:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 18:00; Fridays 9:00 - 13:00