CUS Padova: the University Sports Centre

CUS Padova is the widest sports club in the area, counting nearly 5000 members, who regularly participate in competions such as the Ludi del Bo and the University Games.

Many non-competitive sports courses (fitness, skating, five-a-side soccer, tennis, volley, golf, dance, pilates, gliding, sailing, etc.) are organized by the Centre and open to students and staff. Competitive sports at CUS are: athletics, rugby, field hockey, fencing, greco-roman wrestling, judo, cross-country skiing, soccer, gliding, tennis and wheelchair basket.

A number of champions have emerged over the years from the ranks of CUS Padova. To name but a few, rugby player Nicola Mazzucato or olympians such as Giovanni Evangelisti, Italian record-breaker in long jump; Francesca Bortolozzi, gold metal at Barcelona '92 and Atlanta '96 in women's team foil; Rossano Galtarossa, gold medal in rowing at Sydney 2000; Mirko Faggian, captain of field hockey's national team, later to become assistant-coach; sprinter Jacques Riparelli, runner at the Olimpic Games in Beijing 2008.