Entrepreneurship and innovation

Second cycle degree - a. y. 2017/18

to be approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Research

Class: LM-77 - Management
Duration: 2 years
Branch: Padova
Language: English


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives

An educational program to train future entrepreneurs and managers with an open-minded approach, working in a global setting and leveraging on training experiences focused on cross-fertilization of ideas and practices.
Students will explore the innovation frontiers going beyond technological innovation to include also market-driven innovation and social innovation, combining the languages and frameworks of economics and management through integrated courses. Students will not only benefit from theoretical analyses and cutting-edge research developed at DSEA, but they will also go through learning-by-doing processes within the managerial labs proposed in EI.
A global perspective on the business, technological, and institutional scenarios, coupled with solid roots in the experience on how doing business and promote economic development in multiple countries (experiencing Made in Italy model). The double perspective of economics and management will be constantly applied through the Degree, supported by law. 
Exploration of emerging business models together with the acquisition of strong quantitative methods and tools will help students to positively approach their future careers within a broad set of opportunities.

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Occupational opportunities

The Course aims at transferring knowledge and develops skills to access to managerial and entrepreneurial careers:

→ a) In small and medium-sized firms that have started strategic paths of growth, internationalization, or innovation requiring professionals able to understand macro-economic and sectoral trends as well as to support the implementation of new business strategies; b) in large firms that, through spin-offs or dedicated business units, are carrying out business innovation processes or new strategic paths requiring specialized professionals able to manage those new activities and exploit innovation results through ad hoc strategies;
→ In KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) that are implementing paths of strategic growth or managerial innovation hence requiring professionals able to understand market relations and organizational implication of such approaches and support them;
→ In innovative sectors of manufacturing, services, and culture.
The Course does not formally require an internship, but students are fully supported to find the right partner by the Stage & Placement Service. A large number of case study presentations and business events are organized to further enhance internship and work opportunities.

Students will benefit from an international learning environment in Padova and abroad exploiting the network of more than 80 university partners for the Erasmus+ program, bilateral agreements and other structured partnerships. Learn more about our exchange programs

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 30
of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 5


Access to this Second Cycle Degree Course is open to all graduates possessing the following characteristics:

- applicants should hold a legally assessed first level degree; 
- applicants should have an educational background suited to effectively attend the programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Applicants are required to do an admission test.

The University of Padova offers full fee-waivers to students who have obtained (or are about to obtain) the qualification to be admitted to the chosen Degree course in a foreign institution (e.g. external to Italian Higher Education System). Fee-waivers are offered for 1 academic year.

Detailed information are provided under Tuition Fee-waivers for students enrolling in degrees courses held in English

Contact: international.admission@unipd.it

The total amount of the fees depends on the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index) and on the chosen degree (unless scholarships or reductions). 

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