Health professions of rehabilitation sciences Second cycle degree

Class: LM/SNT2 - Health professions for rehabilitation

Duration: 2 years

Branch: Padova

Language: Italian


EU students and non-EU students with residency in Italy: 20


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
Graduates in Rehabilitation Sciences of Health Professions perform functions that require high competences and skills in healthcare, management, training and research processes in the context of rehabilitation.
In healthcare processes the graduate organizes and manages projects aimed to improve health processes, organization of services, assessment of provided quality and responses to rehabilitative needs.
In management processes the graduate makes decisions on organization and management of health rehabilitative services and in health care facilities of different complexity; he programs optimization of resources (human, technological, informational, financial); he applies methods of analysis cost / effectiveness, cost / benefit and the benefit of quality control methods and identifies environmental risk factors, assessing the effects on health and predisposes interventions for the protection at the workplace.
In training processes the graduate applies appropriate teaching methods as well as tutorial activities and training, as part of the basic, master and complementsary training; he organizes and coordinates educational activities and educational processes of institutional courses and lifelong learning.
In the research processes, he ideates, designs, maintains, and controls research; he identifies applications of the research to training and professional fields.

Occupational opportunities
The graduate can fill managerial functions in Rehabilitation Operating Unit of Hospitals and Local Socio-Sanitary Units (Local Health Unit), as well as management functions of Hospital Units, Local Health Units Department.

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