Product innovation engineering

Second cycle degree

Class: LM-33 - Mechanical engineering

Duration: 2 years

Branch: Vicenza

Language: Italian

Open access with admission requirements

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 3

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 1


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The master degree in Product Innovation Engineering was launched to meet the exact needs of businesses in relation to the current dynamics of the markets and inspired by the most advanced international specifications in relation to the modern figure of the mechanical engineer. The degree program, set up in 2008, forms the figure of a mechanical engineer capable of studying, designing, implementing new products and industrial processes at competitive costs using the latest innovations in mechanical design methodologies, in the use of materials, new technologies, modern and advanced production and logistics facilities. It is an engineer capable of designing new products in a wide variety of industrial fields and of performing fast and efficient feasibility studies to deliver innovative, high performance, and cost-competitive products. The training objectives are strongly focused on advanced mechanical design techniques, on the knowledge of conventional and innovative materials (such as composite materials, nano-materials and innovative metal alloys) for a wide variety of industrial applications, and to the integrated design of products and of the related manufacturing and assembly processes.

Occupational opportunities
Certain and satisfactory opportunities in the labor market are the cornerstone of this master degree course. The most likely and natural position to be achieved in a few years, is the one of technical director or production / plant manager. The product innovation engineer is a strategic figure for the company of the future to innovate products, processes, plants and logistics and hence to keep a leading position in the market. The main occupational and professional opportunities are those of the mechanical engineer focused on innovation and product development, production planning and programming, and the design and management of complex integrated systems. The training that characterizes the course is also appreciated by small and medium-sized enterprises where an adaptive, flexible and quick response approach is required.

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