Forest science Second cycle degree

Admission notice for candidates with an Italian qualification

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Class: LM-73 - Environmental and forestry sciences

Duration: 2 years

Branch: Legnaro

Language: English


Open access with admission requirements

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 20

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 2

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Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
Forest Science is a 2-year Second Cycle Degree (120 ECTS, equivalent to a Master of Science). The programme is conceived for Bachelor graduates with a main interest in mountain Mediterranean forests; it is completely taught in English and is intended for national and international students from a variety of backgrounds, from biology, forestry and environmental sciences to geography. The learning outcomes are oriented at educating forest professionals able to handle complex problems dealing with the conservation, sustainable management and use of Mediterranean forest resources.
The study programme encompasses a wide array of subjects, amongst which forests and climate change, water regulation and related management issues, conservation and management of biodiversity and other ecosystem services, sustainable forest operations, natural hazards pest management principles and techniques, forest economics and policy, conflict management techniques. Specialisation occurs through 3 curricula of studies: Forest Science, Land and forest conservation, Responsible production of good and services. The curricula share lectures of common interest and join during a field module at the end of the first year.
Forest Science is based on a multidisciplinary approach mixing theory and field practice. Teaching takes place in an international environment and is based on class engagement, problem-solving approach and case study assessment. Lectures, seminars and independent learning are supported by field practicals, laboratory work and forest visits.
The programme has close links with other international Forest Schools as well as with international forest and environmental organizations like FAO, EFI, WWF and CIFOR. It also participates to three Erasmus Mundus Consortia for Master degrees, namely SUTROFOR, SUFONAMA and MEDfOR, respectively on management of tropical, temperate and Mediterranean forests.

Occupational Opportunities
The Study programme is designed to meet occupational demand arising from the mountain Mediterranean regions, where fragile environments and specific rural socio-economic conditions require special skills into the management of forest resources and their sustainable use. Graduates can find jobs at post graduate level in public forest administration, local development agencies, NGOs, Parks authorities and forest enterprises both in the EU and abroad. The programme is also a stepping stone towards post graduate research and has already produced qualified scientists in the fields of forest science and natural resource management.

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