Geological science

First cycle degree

Class: L-34 - Earth sciences

Duration: 3 years

Branch: Padova

Language: Italian

Open access with assessment test

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 5

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 2


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
Taking advantage also of several practical training stages, the student will acquire skills and knowledge on the chemical, physical, biological, and geological processes that determined and are still determining the evolution of the shallow and deep Earth. Through such studies, the student will learn how to cope with interdisciplinary problems related to natural risks (e.g., hydrogeological risk, volcanism, earthquakes) and to acquire a scientific approach in tangling with a large spectrum of geological problems, from mining and oil exploration, to the management of natural and anthropic landscapes and their resources. Field and laboratory hands-on training and stages in industry and enterprises, as well as in other Italian or European University, are foreseen.

Occupational opportunities
The Bachelor in Geological Science may be employed as a technician in public companies, environmental agencies and research institutions, as well as in private geological companies working on land and resource management, mining and oil exploration, and on the characterization of geomaterials. Once passed the Geologist Certification Examination ("Esame di Stato"), the BSc in Geological Sciences can be admitted to the Professional Association of Geologists ("Albo Professionale dei Geologi") as Junior Geologist (Section B).

Access modalities
The Bachelor degree allows access to the Master in Geology and Technical Geology, following the rules that are defined in the specific admission procedure.

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