Educational sciences

First cycle degree

Class: L-19 - Education and training

Duration: 3 years

Branch: Padova

Language: Italian



EU students and non-EU students with residency in Italy: 225

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 5


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The degree course in Educational Sciences at the University of Padova provides a basic knowledge in pedagogy in order to make students able to act in different educational contexts. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, students can develop studies and research both from theoretical and practical points of view.
After a first year of common studies, the course degree offers two different specialisation: Scienze dell'Educazione (SED – Educational Sciences) and Formazione e Sviluppo delle Risorse Umane (FSRU- Education and Human Resources Training and Development)
The first one (SED) aims to develop competences and abilities in education and human sciences both at didactical and cultural level. Students will be able to design, manage and assess training and educational documents, activities of pedagogic consultancy and of learning support.
The SED curriculum allows students deepening their knowledge continuing their studies in degree courses for learning to teach in secondary schools as in the degree courses of the pedagogical area.
The curriculum for Education and Human Resources Training and Development (FSRU) aims at the professional preparation of the trainer in businesses enterprises, organizations and public administrations; it develops professional skills in the fields of adult education, vocational education and continuous training also at the lifelong learning dimension.
By using multitasking technologies, on-line, in presence or blended systems, students will be able to analyse training needs of singles and groups in different working context and design, manage and assess training process.
For both the SED and FSRU students must attend a training internship which can be organized both in Italy and abroad.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates in the curriculum of Educational Sciences will find employment as educational-didactic professionals in the organisations where educational competences are required, such as institutions, associations and cooperative companies working with schools for special projects. They can work everywhere competences are required as the following:
- consultancy and educational design and assessment;
- support to the learning processes in socio-educational services, care services, cultural and recreative services both private and public, ONG, school editorial teams;
- collaboration for research in the pedagogical and didactic fields.
Graduates in the curriculum of Human Resources Training and Development can operate in enterprises, public bodies and private associations working in the fields of the first level of education, post compulsory secondary education, post secondary school degree, and post university graduation, in work-based school projects, in employees selection and continuous training, in blended and on-line training; they also can work as teachers in training courses for adults and professionals, as experts for career assessment and re-employment placement

Access modalities
The degree course allows access to the Master's degree courses in "Management of educational services and continuing training" and in "Culture, education, global society" according to the rules in the specific admission calls.

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