Computer engineering First cycle degree

Class: L-8 - Information technology engineering

Duration: 3 years

Branch: Padova

Language: Italian

Open access with assessment test

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 7

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 3


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The educational profile allows the graduate in Computer Engineering to operate: in the areas of design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of computer systems and information systems; in the direction and management of computer labs and corporate information systems, both in the context of industrial production and in the services area. The graduate is able to operate with computer and information systems. Thanks to the acquired skills the graduate can also operate in the promotion, sale and service.
The educational background of the first year (similar to those of the other bachelor degrees of class L8 at Padua University) gives the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and computer science at university level; the educational background of the second year includes knowledge of information technology, main methods of network engineering and the acquisition of appropriate laboratory experience. The third year focuses on specialist topics with specific attention to application and implementation issues. The course favors the immediate placement of graduates in the job market.

Occupational opportunities
The degree course forms competent professionals for the design, implementation and management of complex computer systems, and not for the mere use of such systems. Possible job opportunities for the graduate in Computer Engineering: design and implementation of enterprise information systems; automation of services in public and private bodies; development of multimedia systems and multimedia applications; development of distributed systems, with particular reference to the Internet network; implementation of processing systems; development of integrated systems for the supervision of equipment and plants. The graduates in Computer Engineering are professionals able to exploit and manage up-to-date available technology.

Access modalities
The enrollment for a master degree course in Computer Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications Engineering, Bioengineering, and more generally to other master degree courses, requires to meet the access requirements specified in the admission notice of each course.

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