Summer and winter schools

Every year, in keeping with its policy of promoting internationalization, the University of Padova offers students the opportunity to attend Summer and Winter Schools organized in collaboration with academic institutions or other international organizations.
These are short, high quality courses designed for various types of users: researchers, PhD candidates, Italian/foreign post-graduate students, or public or private sector professionals and employees.
The courses carry training credits that will be recognized for overall study programmes and life-long education.Whilst International Summer and Winter Schools may differ widely one from another, certain common elements remain the same, such as the duration (intensive courses lasting 1-3 weeks, worth 2-6 ECTS credits) and a high proportion of internationally sourced teachers. Teaching staff and students reside on campus for the duration of the course, the working language is English, and there is scope for the organization of workshops, exercises, seminars, laboratory activities and visits.
Participants are selected according to the quality of their CV and on the basis of international representation and equal gender opportunities.


16-22 June 2013
Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation
Desenzano del Garda (Italy)
Especially for: academics, young entrepreneurs, managers
Teacher in charge:  Moreno Muffatto
Deadline: expired

17-22 June 2013
An integrated approach to marine invertebrate biodiversity: evolutionary and functional adaptations
Palazzo Grassi, Chioggia -Venezia (Italy)
Especially for: students of the last year of the master courses, PhD students and junior post-docs
Teacher in charge: Loriano Ballarin
Deadline: expired

30 June – 6 July 2013
Sensors and sensors networks
Summer School of Information Engineering
Brixen, Bolzano (Italy)
Especially for: PhD students and young researchers
Teachers in charge: Gaudenzio Meneghesso and Silvano Pupolin
Deadline: expired

8-12 July 2013
Russian Forest Governance in a European context: issues at stake and ways forward
St. Petersburg (Russia)
Especially for: MSc and PhD students, sector experts
Teacher in charge: Davide Matteo Pettenella
Deadline: expired

8-12 July 2013
ISPM Cina 2013 - International summer program in Management, Cina segment
Guangzhou university (China)
Especially for: only for DSEA, DSPGI students, students enrolled in Economia e Diritto degree course, and Venice International University students
Teacher in charge: Diego Campagnolo
On line application form
Deadline: expired

28 July - 4 August 2013
European Geosciences Union
Centro Studi Ambiente Alpino TESAF – San Vito di Cadore, Belluno (Italy)
Max 25 students
Teacher in charge: Paolo Tarolli
Deadline: expired

28 July - 7 August 2013
Teaching and Lecturing in English
Venice International University - Island of San Servolo, Venezia (Italy)
Especially for: staff from European countries who are teaching or will be teaching their subject in English
Teacher in charge: Fiona Dalziel
Deadline: expired

September 2013
Food Quality and Safety
Universidade Estadual do Sao Paulo - Botucatu (Brazil)
Especially for: postgraduate students who studied biochemistry, agronomy, nutritional sciences
Teacher in charge: Fabio Vianello

15-21 September 2013
International Trade and Finance
Brixen (Italy)
Especially for: postgraduate students and young economists from all countries
Teacher in charge: Ferdinando Meacci
Deadline: expired

16-20 September 2013
Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
IQLA-GIAT Summer School
Dept. of Philosophy, Sociology, Education & Applied Psychology - Sociology buildings, via Cesarotti 10/12, Padova (Italy)
Especially for: researchers, scholars and postgraduate students
Teacher in charge: Arijuna Tuzzi
Deadline: expired

23-28 September 2013
Detecting and interpreting landscape transformations
Colli Euganei, Padova (Italy)
Especially for: degree, master, PhD, young researchers and professionals interested in innovative research methodologies on historical landscapes and in environmental and heritage applications
Teacher in charge: Alexandra Chavarria Arnau
Deadline: expired

8-15 January 2014
Nuclear Governance: prospects for a strengthened nonproliferation regime
Isodarco XXVII Winter Course
Andalo, Trento (Italy)
Especially for: graduated students, young researchers, professionals in the fields of international relations and security, arms control  and nuclear technology
Teacher in charge: Alessandro Pascolini
Deadline: expired

January 2014
Urban Changes and social dynamics in Africa
Karthoum (Sudan)
Especially for: 20 european students, 10 East African students and 10 students from Sudan
Teacher in charge: Pierpaolo Faggi

2-7 February 2014
Physical Organic Chemistry (E-WiSPOC)
Hotel Greuner Baum, Brixen (Italy)
Especially for: international students
Teacher in charge: Giulia Licini
Deadline: expired

23-28  February 2014
Winter sports and Biomechanics
4th winter school in sports engineering
San Vito di Cadore/Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy)
Especially for: post-graduate students
Teacher in charge: Nicola Petrone
Deadline: 10 February 2013

10-21 February 2014
Higher structures in algebraic analysis
Dept. of Mathematics, Padova (Italy)
Especially for: math students and postgraduate students
Teacher in charge: Andrea D'Agnolo
Deadline: expired

24-28 February 2014
Times and Spaces of Globalization: Europe in a Global Context
Department of Political and Juridical Science and International Studies (Italy)
Especially for: international scholars and students from a range of disciplines and geo-cultural background
Teacher in charge: Francesca Helm, Claudia Padovani, Massimiliano Tomba
Deadline: expired

March 2014
Food Safety course
Universidade Federale de Santa Caterina - Florianopolis (Brazil)
Especially for: post-graduate students and doctoral candidates in biochemistry, agronomy, nutritional sciences
Teacher in charge:  Tomaso Patarnello

March 2014
Patrimonio, identità e sviluppo locale: per un’analisi comparativa e multidisciplinare
Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Especially for: graduate and post-graduate students, workers and managers
Teacher in charge: Giovanni Luigi Fontana

July 2014 (four weeks)
Wake Forest Summer Program in Law
Bressanone/Brixen and Venice (Italy)
Especially for: School of Law Students, master and PhD students interested
in exploring issues of law in a transatlantic perspective, taking into
account national, EU and international law
Teacher in charge: Bernardo Cortese
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