Business administration

Second cycle degree - a. y. 2017/18

Class: LM-77 - Management

Duration: 2 years

Branch: Padova

Language: English


Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives

Our graduate degree in business administration is a course in general management that develops future managers for international firms that need to growth and continually adapt to an ever changing competitive environment.
Given the wide span of the program, the course has two curricula one in Management and the other in Accounting & Finance. The former focuses on marketing management, operations and supply chain management, organizational design behavior. The latter focuses on advanced financial accounting, banking and capital markets, performance management. Coherently with our interdisciplinary approach, courses that are common to both curricula regard strategy formulation, business planning, corporate finance, growth strategies (merger&acqusisitions) and corporate restructuring.
The teaching style is interactive and enhances the involvement of all the students. During the two year-period you will have plenty of opportunities to work in groups to solve case studies, be involved in real-time simulations, meet top managers, visit leading firms to “touch” their operational processes and work on real business projects during internships in international and Italian firms.

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Occupational opportunities

This degree course prepares students for the pursuit of qualified activities in the private sector as administration, finance and control specialists; human resource management and work organization; marketing, logistics and production. This degree course also prepares students for qualified activities requiring adequate knowledge of business administration as part of consulting firms, banks and insurance companies, government and public service companies, business associations.
The course does not formally require an internship, but students are fully supported to find the right partner by the Stage & Placement Service. A large number of case study presentations and business events are organized to further enhance internship and work opportunities.

Students will benefit from an international learning environment in Padova and abroad exploiting the network of more than 80 university partners for the Erasmus+ program, bilateral agreements and other structured partnerships.  Learn more about our exchange programs

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