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The mission of European Universities in a globalized world


Dear Participant,


Founded in 1985, the Coimbra Group is now one of the most important European academic networks composed of 39 Universities which represent each area of the continent. Every year, representatives from the Coimbra Group Universities and of their Rectors meet in a different country to update the work of the eight task forces and to debate key topics related to higher education, research and policies.


The next General Assembly will be focused on "The mission of European Universities in a globalized world", debating the role, features, advantages of the generalist, research oriented European Universities in a world which has greatly changed. Some of us believe that our values, historic background and general features rather than be a disadvantage, may offer an added value for students and professors alike in their preparation for the challenges of the future. This year the Coimbra Group Annual Meeting will be held in Padova from 25 May to 27. lnstead of using our modern facilities, we chose to host all the official functions within the building and lecture rooms of the Palazzo Bo, historical seat of the University of Padova. Even if you will have to put up with some inconveniences, we feel that choice will allow us to transmit a bit of flavour of our history and of our identity.


With all my colleagues and co-workers I look very much forward to meeting you here in Padova soon.


Giuseppe Zaccaria

Rector, University of Padova